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Welcome to our guide on the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program. If you're a Union Employer, learn how ADR can help you. Union Members can find out about their rights and benefits here. Need a list of approved insurers? Check out the ADR Carriers section. For easy access, download Documents & Forms directly. Let's work together for fair and efficient solutions.

Union Employers

ADR offers Union Employers a host of benefits. It cuts down on worker comp premiums and claim expenses, avoids expensive litigation, and introduces tailored safety programs. It's a more efficient and economical approach to resolving disputes.

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Union Members

For Union Members, ADR provides quick access to premier medical care and ensures prompt benefits without legal troubles after claim approval. It supports a fast and healthy transition back to work and promptly handles claim-related issues.

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ADR Carriers

The Laborer’s ADR Group Workers' Compensation program has greenlit seven insurance carriers based on their expertise in catering to employers and employees in the ADR system. Our Program Administrator approves these carriers and collaborates closely to ensure the ADR program's unique benefits are fully realized.

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Explore our comprehensive list of ADR Program Documents & Forms, readily available for download to assist employers and employees. These resources simplify the ADR process, ensuring everyone has the tools for efficient dispute resolution.

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Industry Resources

Browse our list of Industry Resources and information. Whether you're an employer, union member, or insurance carrier, these resources equip you with the knowledge to navigate the ADR process effectively.

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Do you have questions about the ADR Program? Let's chat! Schedule a call at a time that suits you, and we'll guide you through every detail.

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